Race Report: News From Germany, Half Marathon

This is edited and posted from an email that we received from Holger, who, just back from an extended visit to Germany (thanks to the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in southern Iceland), brings news of his representation of the Fiera Race Team in the Bonn Rhein Energie half marathon.

If you read German, you can navigate the race website to see full results here.

The following is more or less in Holger’s words, with some commentary and censorship, in the square [] brackets, from me.

“I am on 1355th place in that list [that is, he came in 1355th, but I would add that there were 3998 racers, which puts him in the top 60 percent].

Hmmm…race report, not much to say really, got horribly drunk (on a brutal German drink called ‘cold [female body part]”) the night before, couldn’t sleep at all and decided to get up at 6 to go to Bonn and see if there is still spots available for the half marathon (which I only had learned the day before was happening). Unluckily for me there was, so I had to participate. I felt quite well the first 13km and then slowly faded away, thanking the good lord above that I didn’t sign up for the full marathon. I finished with two amazingly big blisters under my feet because in addition to all smart decisions on that day I was wearing brand new shoes…oh and a black long sleeve shirt was the only thing I found in the morning, not smart in the heat either…(obviously those are all just excuses for my bad shape).

Attached a picture of me in shier agony just meters away form the finish line.”

Hoger in agony, running on blisters, sleepless, hungover, overdressed for the heat, but still ripping past these older folks (bennefit of the doubt given here).


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