A Weekend of Winning!

This past weekend, the Fiera Race Team was well represented at both the Velocity Stage Race in Edmonton, and at the Big Run in Calgary.

Stefan, Joe, and Jan all took in the Velocity Stage Race, which started out with a 10K time trial on Saturday morning, followed by a criterium Saturday afternoon, and concluded with a 90 km road race on Sunday. The competition in Cat 4 was fierce, with Stefan battling it out all weekend with Josh, who was racing for Hardcore. Heading into Stage 3 on Sunday, Josh was leading the General Classification, with Stefan close behind. In the end, Stefan managed to break away from the peloton in the last few kilometers, and managed to narrowly stay away to secure the Stage 3 win, and the critical time bonus, putting him over the top by only 3/100 sec 2.4 seconds!

Jan warming up, fearful of being mistaken for bull moose. Safety first.

While Josh rode for Hardcore, he showed that he is a true champion, and donated his winnings to the Fiera Race Team, along with Stefan, to generate an additional $180 for our charities this weekend.

Three hours south in Cowtown, Bridget, Dave, and Shari were running their faces off in the Theatre Calgary Big Run. Shari took in her first running race ever, and ran the 5 km along with all of the toddlers and the octogenarians. Because all of the fast people in her age category were racing in the 10 km and half marathon (thanks Bridget), Shari managed a 3rd place finish in her age category. Bridget rocked the 10 km, finishing 2nd over-all and 2nd in her age category, while Dave finished the half-marathon 2nd over-all and 1st in his age category, with a smoking fast time of 1:28:53.41. See the full results here .


5 responses to “A Weekend of Winning!

  1. I would have donated my winnings to MSF too, but they don’t have much use for a Starbucks gift card in Darfur, so I gave it to my mom. Can I still be a champion? My mom thinks I’m a champion.

  2. My $80 (hopefully just the beginning of the winnings this season) is heading towards MSF. Which charities have the rest of you chosen from the list for this year?

  3. Posted a (not much) longer race report here (complete with Garmin data graph for all you dorks).

    @ Josh: I think MSF is about as good as it gets. I like Right to Play too.

  4. @Josh: I use a random number calculator to decide where my winnings go to.
    @Dave: I like your race report, short and concise. I think you spent to much time working with Andreas on you paper.
    @FRT: I was 2.4 sec faster (GC) and not 3/100 of a sec 😉 I just want to point out that it wasn’t luck, but rather a deadly calculated and executed plan.

  5. @stefan… indeed the strategy wa well calcuated and successful. You are also really really lucky that someone got it in their head that there was a 10 second time bonus at the finish line and not a 6 second bonus like it said there would be in the technical guide.

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