Tech Guides for Upcoming MTB Races

If you’re keen to try your hand at mountain bike racing (and who isn’t?), the technical guides for the next few races are now posted. You can day-license for all these events (for $10, I think) and you can even ride a cyclocross bike (Simmon!) if you’re without a mountain bike (which is lame, not having a mountain bike, not cyclocross bikes, they’re not lame, they’re cool, but not having a mountain bike is lame, lame-o).

All the info on the following races can also be found on the Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA) website.

Sunday, May 16th: Perogy XC, Edmonton, AB (Tech Guide)
* This race will be a preview of the Canada Cup Course (Mountain Bike Nationals!).

Sunday, May 23rd: Bacon Buffet of Pain and Suffering, Stony Plain, AB (Tech Guide)

Saturday, June 12th: Iron Lung, Canmore, AB (Tech Guide)

If you want more info on how awesome these events are (or about which are more awesome than which), please ask Joe, Shari, Bridget, or whoever. Heck, you can even ask me. We’ll probably also try to get out and ride the Perogy course (in Terwillegar) one of these days, so you should also come check that out (Simmon!).


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