Fiera Grimace Scale (FGS)

As some of you may know, Nature Methods just published an article entitled, “Coding of facial expressions of pain in the laboratory mouse”, where the authors developed a mouse grimace scale (MGS) to “measure spontaneously emitted pain” in mice (Langford et al. 2010).  Here’s what the MGS looks like:

You may be thinking, “So what?” (or you may be completely outraged, or you may be thinking, “This is a Nature-calibre paper?”).  Well, after seeing this, I got to thinking…wouldn’t it be handy if we had our own FGS, or Fiera Grimace Scale?

You could take the FGS along with you to the next race, watch the racers go by, and evaluate whether or not they are working hard enough.  If not, you could yell, “Get your ass in gear”, instead of, “Good job, nice work”.  Pretty handy.

So, I have taken the liberty of creating a FGS.  Consider it a work in progress. If you have any suggestions for how to improve the scale, I’m all ears.  Perhaps we could even start working on a submission to Nature Methods…


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