Perogy XC Race

The mountain bike racing season in Edmonton got off to a great (and hot!) start this past weekend, with the infamous Perogy XC race, held in the heart of Edmonton at Terwilligar Park. The race featured a smoking fast 6.9 km race loop through some sweet singletrack. As an added bonus, there were plenty of dogs and little children on the course, so we had to demonstrate some mad bike handling skilz so as not to run anything down.

There were a few moments of drama, including Bridget bleeding profusely from her nose for most of the race (she says it just started to bleed, I think she got into a fight at the start line), and some dude getting carried away on a spine board (I think he was OK), but for the most part, the race went off without a hitch, with more than a few grimaces seen throughout the day.

The Fiera Race Team was represented by Joe and Shari, who both finished a respectable 2nd place in their categories, as well as by Simmon, Jim, and Louise who all graciously volunteered to stand in the feed zone and hand out water bottles in the blistering heat. Without them, there would have been a lot more grimacing, that is for certain. A BIG thanks to them!! Thanks also to Holger and his family for coming out and cheering us on!

It was also a good day for Hardcore racer (and sometimes Fiera racer) Derek MacKenzie (but not such a good day for Derek’s jersey), who raced in his first ever provincial mountain bike race. Congrats!

Full race results can be found here


Joe, trying to draft a tree.


3 responses to “Perogy XC Race

  1. Impressive results guys… good job!

  2. Editorial correction:

    “Skillz” definitely has two L’s. See the official word (definition 1):

    Not to be confused with “skilz” (definition 2):

    Although I will admit that a “skilz” (of second definition ilk) running down a kid or dog would be something to see.

  3. Posted some photos here:

    Spokes chillin' in the heat

    Will post more soon, probably on Facebook.

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