You Can’t Always Bring Your “A” Game

This past weekend, the “Bacon Buffet of Pain and Suffering” was hosted in Stony Plain, Alberta.  If the race could be summarized in less than 10 words they would be:  “bacon”, “pain”, “suffering”, “wind”, “cramps”, and “broken chains”.

Joe goes for the bacon in the feed zone.

Dave experiencing some pain and suffering on the big hill.

Bridget chillin' in the wind at the start line.

Shari cramping up on the hill.

Bridget, who was killin’ the race, ended up with a DNF because of a broken chain on her sweet new Mach 4 Pivot. Look out for her kicking some butt at the next race in Canmore in June.

Joe ended up with a top 10 finish, Shari finished 4th, and Dave- well, he didn’t give up (full results posted here).

Dave also took some great photos of the race (along with some help from Shari and Bridget), which can be found here. If you like any of the photos and want a high resolution copy, you can contact Dave (d-ro[at] and he will send you one. The only catch is that Dave has requested that in exchange for the photo, you make a charitable donation to Right to Play. We think that is a fantastic idea.


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