Speed Theory Time Trial

Race Report by: Stefan Schreiber (with editorial comments by Shari)

First of all, thanks to Shari and Joe for taking Sanja and me out to the race last Sunday!  After contemplating for hours about the weather situation, we finally decided to drive out to Acme to represent the Fiera Race Team in a 40km Individual Time Trial (ITT) [in our NEW race kit!]. When we left the city at about 6:20AM, I really couldn’t believe that there was snow on the ground and the temperature was about 1°C. Anyway, we went out there hoping the weather would change in our favour. At the exit to Pigeon Lake on on the QE II Highway, Sanja had to get rid of something immediately and we pulled over to the side of the road, to have what was hopefully our last walk in the snow for the next couple months.

Finally, we got to the Acme community hall and found out that the start was delayed by an hour. The good thing was that we now had enough time to prepare our bikes and relax. It was still super cold and windy, with the occasional rain shower.  A little bit later my most feared rival [JOSH] showed up in a BMW from 198X (not exactly sure though) and now I was stressing out. He was going to start 2 min behind me, which I knew would make me ride like a mad man. So, it was good to have him so close behind me, since I am rather lazy and probably wouldn’t push as hard as if he was ahead of me. In this TT, I was clearly the rabbit and definitely on the lower end of the food chain.

At 11:35 am, Sanja went out on her first time trail ever. She thought it would be a good test since she is racing the Chinook Olympic distance triathlon in Calgary on June 19th, which is her first triathlon over that distance and her second overall. The goal was clearly not go out too hard but rather focus on a proper position in the aerobars and connect with Eddy (Eddy is my beloved road bike and occasionally serves as a tri bike also). And then the first Fiera was off.

The second Fiera to go was Shari. I am not sure about her motivation for this race (she might tell you in her own race report), but I think it was to pull out the hammer and slam it down [editor’s note:  that is a pretty accurate account of my goal for the day.  That, and not loose any fingers and toes to frost bite]. The third Fiera was Joe for whom I also do not exactly know what his goals were (hopefully he will report that, too) [editor’s note:  I think Joe’s goal was to build some base, but that is purely speculation].  He always looked like he just figured out the master plan to defeat the race course including the weather conditions. And then he went off.

I warmed up with Josh since we were the next to go. I was the last Fiera since Josh is still racing for Hardcore … too bad. But I have to say that he is donating his race money for the Fiera charities, which is really great!

Finally, Josh and I rode to the start line and I went. I gave all I had right of the beginning of the race. The way out was super hard since it was hilly and windy. At some point I felt like walking my bike would be faster. I got worried at this period as I always had Josh in my mind flying past me swiftly, even though I already past 2 guys who were ahead of me. I didn’t give myself any time to relax and finally got to the turn-around point and thought ‘now I will see where Josh is’. Then all of the sudden I was flying home (tailwind and downhill), still pushing the pedals as hard as I could. On some occasions I had to coast since I was running out of gears and was thinking next year I will have more. After some time I could see Josh and I thought that he wasn’t really that close. Later, he would tell me that he had a flat rear tyre but since it was a tubular he was still able to continue to “race”. That’s really amazing!  The last kilometres flew by and I finally crossed the finish line and was super happy that the race was over and I gave all I had.

Check out the full race results here.

The motley Fiera crew


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