Camp Fortune Sunset Series – FAIL

Last night saw me line up for the first time for the bi-weekly “Camp Fortune Sunset Series” – Ottawa’s local XC mountain bike series, similar to Edmonton’s Fat Tire Tuesdays.  I was looking flash at the start line in my new Fiera Race Team kit, and was eager to put in a good effort.  If I was half as fast as I looked, the night would be a success.

Camp Fortune is a ski hill, so I was expecting some steep climbs where I could try and put the hurt on my competitors.  This part proved true… at least on the first two laps.  However, what goes up must come down, and what I wasn’t expecting (and probably should have given Camp Fortune has been the site of several Canada Cup downhill races) was how technical the descents would be.

Dudes that I passed going up, were quickly nipping at my heels as I front-wheelied down.  I yo-yoed with a couple of guys until around close to the end of the second of three laps… when  I flatted and ended up doing the DNF walk of shame.  No Joe, I didn’t have a spare tube and pump.  My only consolation was that I was joined by three other guys who had also flatted around the same spot… and none of them had as fancy a kit as me.

Results, for what it is worth, here.  Thankfully they don’t record loser DNFers.

The trails at Camp Fortune


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