Friday Poll: How Low Should You Go?

Okay, a couple of weeks ago, I used the inaugural Friday Poll to learn a little bit about the members of the FRT by asking folks how many bikes they own.  And what did we learn?  That the FRT is a bike dealers dream with an average bike to racer ratio somewhere north of 3.4 to 1.

This week I would like to use the Friday Poll to try and settle an age-old debate and a serious point of contention between myself and Joe: just what kind of pressure should I run my tires at in a XC MTB race?

Now I know such a complex question can’t really be boiled down to a simple multiple-choice question… the right answer you are all thinking is “it depends on a number of interconnected variables, like trail conditions, temperature, whether I had a poo before the race or not, etc…”  So let me put it this way: all else being equal, should you run your tires at as high a pressure as possible (you’re thinking how high can I go before I start spinning out on stuff)?  Or as low a pressure as possible (how low can I go before I start pinch flatting my way out of the race)?


3 responses to “Friday Poll: How Low Should You Go?

  1. Oh I wish I could make anonymous comments on this blog… (someone who shall remain anonymous) would really get it.

  2. There is another “it depends” variable here, and that is “it depends on what bike you are riding” (since most of us own at least 3.4 bikes), but I am assuming you are talking about your mountain bike, because you’d be pretty dumb to run your road tires soft and squishy…

    • Ummm, you don’t need to assume Sherlock since that is what I meant with “Optimal XC MTB Tire Pressure”… as in cross-country (XC) mountain bike (MTB).

      But I am more interested in who Josh thinks is the hard-ass.

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