2010 Preston Street Crits

Sunday saw the Fiera Race Team’s youngest member participate in his first ever race when Evan lined up to participate in the under 5 race of the 38th annual Preston Street Criterium.

In a cruel twist, a nasty downpour interrupted what was until that point a beautiful sunny day just as the youngest racers of the day gathered at the start line.  Welcome to racing kids.  Are you having fun yet?

The rain and confusion at the start proved a bit much for Evan at first… but he eventually jumped on the course and peddled his way over the finish line. Congrats Evan!

Getting psyched-up watching the big boys

The kids line up in the downpour

Medals for everyone!

More of my pictures here.

Lots of race reports, results and pictures of the big boy and girl races over at Ottawa Bikes.


One response to “2010 Preston Street Crits

  1. Nice work Evan!! Your Auntie is very proud. Looks like we will have to get you a race team rain jacket…

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