Friday Poll: TDF Yellow Jersey Edition

Who’s it gonna be?

A separate question, for the comments section: anyone know why the Cervelo Test Team is identified as being of Swiss nationality?

Oh, and one more thing, if your choice is “other” make sure you say who this “other” superstar is in the comments section.


One response to “Friday Poll: TDF Yellow Jersey Edition

  1. The team doesn’t belong to the Cervelo company… it belongs to an organization called “Cycling United Racing” which is based out of Switzerland. Thus when they registered with the UCI they put it as a swiss team. Cervelo is just the title sponsor of the team in the same way that the Rabobank bank is the title sponsor of the… Rabobank team. There is a difference in appearance with cervelo being actively involved with the team’s functioning unlike the bank, hence the reason many people think that the team is run by the bike company and perhaps should have had a canadian UCI registration.

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