Edmonton Canada Cup MTB Race

Some days, it just all comes together.  Sunday was one of those days for me – and it’s turned me into a believer of sorts.  According to my training plan (the first one I’ve ever had), this was my first peak race of the season (only because I didn’t look at the schedule that closely – I should really be peaking for the race this coming weekend, but I digress…), and it seems as though my training plan came to fruition.

I have to say that I was nervous coming into this race.  As usual, I had a hard time eating on Sunday morning, and I was dreading what was sure to be a full-out sprint up the first hill to start the race, where I would inevitably redline, and then feel like garbage for the rest of the lap.  But when that sprint came, I was ready for it, and managed to get up the hill in a great position before dropping into the first single track run of the day.  The best part was that I didn’t feel like tossing my Huevos Rancheros at the top of the hill, which always bodes well for the rest of the race.

I also gained a bit of inspiration from the sign that Josh had placed on the trail for Dave, which read:

It's always nice when your friends show up to offer encouragement

While the first lap was a bit knarly because of all the wet tree roots, and the ensuing carnage that resulted in a large number of the novice men slipping on the wet tree roots and falling onto the trail in front of me, I managed to put in a pretty solid first lap.  While there is no doubt that my home town advantage came into play, I also felt really strong, and I started my second lap thinking, “This could be a good day”.  And it was, for the following reasons:

Keepin' ahead of muscle man

  1. I didn’t have a single flat tire or mechanical (the same can not be said for Dave or Derek)
  2. I had a new water bottle lid that squirts both water and gel, and I gave it a try during the race, and it was awwesooome
  3. I managed to hold off the leg cramps that were threatening to end my race half way through my last lap
  4. I got a case of 24 beers for my efforts, and even though it’s a case of Kokanee, all in all, that’s not a bad day’s work (although next year, maybe they could get Alley Kat to sponsor the race instead)

Joe also had a pretty good showing, finishing in 6th place.  Seems as though the Schrieber Training plan is starting to pay-off.  You can see all of the race results here.

Photos courtesy of Dave… rest of the set here.


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