Ironman Canada – Preliminary Report

As many of you know, the Fiera Race Team had two athletes competing this past weekend in the Ironman Canada race in Penticton.  Stefan Schreiber was competing in the men’s 30-34 and Holger Spaedtke was completing in the men’s 35-39 category.

We are pleased to report that both Stefan and Holger had great races.  After taking many years off of serious training to do an MSc and have two kids, Holger was back at it, and finished with a very respectable time of 11:24:49.

Stefan, in his second consecutive Ironman race, had a phenomenal day, finishing in a blistering 9:39:47!  This was good enough for 4th place in the über competitive 30-34 age category, and 36th overall.

Congratulations to both Stefan and Holger for an amazing performance.  We look forward to reading the details of their race reports!

Also, a big congrats to Josh Krabbe, who also raced in the Ironman this past weekend, finishing 3rd in the 20-24 age category!  Whoot!!


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