Race Report: Fiera Race Team’s Richard Moses “at the top of the list” in Cat 5 at the 2010 Provincial Time Trial Championships last weekend in Acme.

Fiera’s premier time trialists this summer have been Stefan and Shari, but
with Stefan on a taper training schedule for Ironman Canada in Penticton,
and Shari concentrating on Mountain bike for Provincials and the Crank the
Shield Stage Race mid September, Fiera Race Team’s Richard Moses was left
alone to represent the team. As it turns out he took the responsibility
pretty seriously, and as a result is the new Cat 5 Time Trial Provincial
Champion. Congratulations Rich!! He sent me a brief note on the matter:

“It was funny …. I felt I had a good ride, but not a great one.
Definitely not a winning time. But when I found out I beat my EMCC
[Edmonton Masters Cycling Club] bud by 6 minutes (usually beat him by 2 or
so), I thought maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. Still, I was surprised as
anyone when I went in to check the results and found my name sitting at
the top of the list. I just stared at it for an hour or so.”

“You know the course is not straight forward, and it might have helped
if I had ridden it before. I got fooled by one of the uphills which
forced me to gear way down, and I didn’t hammer enough over the last
2-3 km, but I think I did well on the other uphills which helped a lot. It
was a pretty good feeling to stew in for the drive home.”

See full results here:


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