Get your ‘cross on… Eastern Ontario style

Joe displays classic "open-mouth redline" expression on the "Fiera Grimace Scale" at last year's Brockville race

Details of this year’s Ottawa Bicycle Club Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series are now available. We’ve got three confirmed FRT members who are raring to go… and we are looking for more!  If you have been thinking… “gee, I wish there was some way I could get miserably cold and extremely muddy while turning myself inside out with physical effort every Sunday morning” then this is the race series for you!

Some changes to the series this year… most importantly, no race-day registration. You must register in advance and online through the Ontario Cycling Association (Update: now available here) or in person at The Cyclery (on September 15, or September 18 only).

Full schedule after the jump…

Sept. 26, Britannia Park

Oct. 3, Britannia Park
(Madison event, two rider teams)

Oct. 10, Brockville, Laurier Park (tbc)

Oct. 17, Almonte, Gemmill Park

Oct. 24, Perth, Conlon Park (tbc)

Oct. 31, Kanata Recreation Centre, Walter Baker Park

Nov. 7 , Terry Fox Athletic Centre, Mooney’s Bay

Nov. 14, Kanata Recreation Centre, Walter Baker Park

Nov. 21, Almonte, Gemmill Park

Nov. 28, Terry Fox Athletic Centre, Mooney’s Bay


One response to “Get your ‘cross on… Eastern Ontario style

  1. I make the same face after my first swig of Shari’s coffee every morning. Good to learn you Ontario-types are getting set for ‘Cross. We had our first Tuesday-night ‘cross race last night–went out easy, turned up the effort after a couple of laps, made that “open-mouth redline” face, went down hard in a corner, got a grass stain on my new skin suit, and got beat by a girl; a really fast green jersey-wearing, expensive beer drinking, Hardcore, girl.

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