Live-blogging CTS: Prologue

We have arrived at the start of the 2010 Crank the Shield after having a hearty Haliburton breakfast at the Kozy Korner. This place is abuzz with caffeinated, frightened, and excited spandex-clad folks all walking around checking out one another’s ride, thinking, “My bike is so much lighter than yours, chump.”

After a week of pouring rain the skies have cleared (if only for a day) and it looks like we are in for a nice day of riding. Last night we had a strategy session and John has decided that he is going to go off the front reeeally frikin’ hard so that everyone else thinks, “Who is that dumb-ass, doesn’t he know there are three days of riding?”. Then when he is out of sight, he is going to dive into the trees and let everyone pass. Then, after an hour or so, the leaders will be thinking “shit, that guy hasn’t imploded… Where the hell is he?”. Then after 2 hours they will start to chase, thinking “jeez, that dude is actually pretty fast” and then kill themselves on the last half of the stage. Then they will be easy pickings tomorrow as they drag their butts to the startline totally shattered and demoralized because they never caught him…

If we can’t win this thing, we might as well play mind games.


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