Friday Poll: Bad meat edition

Did Lady Gaga visit Berto during the second rest day of this year's Tour de France?

Yesterday, the cycling world was rocked by no less than three doping allegations in a 24 hour period.  *Sigh*

The most spectacular is the revelation that Alberto Contador tested positive for minute quantities of the steroid clenbuterol on the second of two rest days during this year’s Tour de France (see full story here).

Contador is claiming the positive test is the result of eating meat tainted by the drug, and he is being backed up by Dutch anti-doping expert Douwe de Boer.

Others are suggesting the positive test is evidence of something much more serious – that the isolated positive of small quantities of the drug  on only that day of the Tour is the result of autologous blood doping with blood containing the steroid.

So what do you think?  Is Contador innocent, the victim of bad meat?  Or is he a cheat who should be stripped of his TDF win?


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