Preliminary Race Report – Stefan Schreiber at the 2010 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii

Yesterday, Stefan competed in what is considered to be the toughest triathlon in the world: the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.  This race featured crazy winds and brutal heat, but Stefan persevered to finish in an amazing 10:06:53, which placed him in 102 place in the very competitive 30-34 age category (just a minute and a half out of the top 100) and 511 overall!  Congratulations, Stefan!!!


Stefan's Ironman Hawaii World Championship Results. Whoot!


Here is a preliminary race report from Stefan, sent via Facebook last night after the race:

Swim: Was great, I enjoyed it very much and was watching fish. That’s what I always wanted to do when I ever would get there. The first km was super, super crowded since we were all treading water for 15 min and then, when the gun went off, it was just crazy!


Stefan coming out of the Penticton


Bike: The first part was good and I thought this is actually not too bad, but then going to Hawi we had wind gusts which I never experienced before in my life on the bike.  I was really scared and got blown quite often to the other side of the road, and couldn’t ride in my aerobars for a long time – even though some people still managed to do that.  And it was HOT.  I had cool wings on and sprayed water on them at every aid station. This was so great and I think without them would have overheated on the bike already; and also I didn’t get a bad sun burn on my arms.

Run: HOT HOT HOT HOT and HUUUUMID.  At some point (which you can see on my time) I was cooked and had to walk.  I got coke and ice and was filling myself up with that stuff.  This felt really good and cooled me down.  Then for the last hour of my run, the sun was blocked by clouds and I could run normally again. This weather was really brutal. As Ben Adam posted on my wall: Embrace the elements –  which I did.


Running in the blistering heat at IM Hawaii (photo credit: Marco Gracia/Getty Images)


We can wait for Stefan to get home on Tuesday so we can drink beer and listen to all of his stories from the race.  Stay tuned for a more detailed race report from our World Class triathlete!


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