Brockville CX

Quick recount of last weekend’s OBC Cyclocross race in Brockville.

  • The course was long… about a 3.75 km loop that featured long straights, one climb, and few twisty-turns.  I believe this is what is referred to as a “power” course.
  • Naomi did extremely well in her race… finishing 4th in her category.  She spent the whole race passing people… so a more aggressive starting position would help.  She is starting to figure out who her marks should be.
  • I didn’t do so well.  I went out hard and put down a nice first lap… but failed to pull off the gas, never cluing in that the course, with the aforementioned straights, never really provided for sections to recover.  The inevitable blow-up followed.
  • Results here.

This coming weekend will take us to Almonte… my favorite course given it is the most technically challenging and hilly of the series.  Evan will be sporting a new cowbell too… so should be fun.

(video from from 53 x 11 on Vimeo).


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