Friday Poll: Regurgitation edition

One of the cool things about this website is that it keeps track of search terms that people use to find it.  Unsurprisingly, the most common terms are things like “Fiera Race Team” and stuff like that.  But people have also found their way here with terms like “buttering-up your balls” (thanks to Dave’s excellent comment on this post) and “pulling atv out of swamp bog alone” (don’t ask me).

One theme that seems to be recurring deals with throwing-up.  People have found the site with terms like “girl puking in the pool” or just “girl puking” or “no vomit” — presumably thanks to Shari’s humorous little story here.  But in fact, several race reports refer to either puke or puking.

Which makes me wonder… are we all just kinda exaggerating when recounting our racing exploits?  Or do we all tend to go so hard that we should change the FRT’s motto from “Get Your Heart Racing” to “Get Your Stomach Hurling”?


One response to “Friday Poll: Regurgitation edition

  1. Can I vote yes for every time that I’ve puked after a race? That might (seriously) skew the results.

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