Perth Cyclocross Report

As mentioned last week, this past Sunday, the Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series landed in the small villiage of Perth Ontario for the first time ever.  This left me, and every other racer, wondering what the venue would have to offer.

Well, the reviews are in and it appears that Bob (and a dedicated group of volunteers) out did themselves.  Here is a small sampling of the buzz around town… From the Tall Tree dudes:

This was a great example of a CX race, wet, muddy, turny, painful, fun, frigid-fingered. The course was much funner that anticipated.

And from Evan McNeely:

Raced the OBC in Perth this past weekend. It is new to series and so i didn’t know what to expect… it was the best OBC course I’ve ever seen.

Naomi similarly raved about the course.  As she caught her breath after another great finish (3rd in the Masters’ A Women category) she exclaimed it was her favorite course so far, and proceeded to offer tips on how to negotiate the various greasy turns, remember the barriers hiding after the high-speed, blind corners, and to hit the sand-pit with speed so as to ride clean right through it (as Naomi did throughout the race).

As I warmed up however, I discovered that Bob and Ian had different plans for the second race where the sand-pit was concerned –  and instead of having a straight shot through, we were going to have a nasty hair-pin to negotiate.  This feature immediately became a spectator favorite, for the reasons displayed in the following video:

No matter where I was on the course, I would occasionally hear a huge cheer erupt as either: (1) someone rode the pit clean; or (2) someone bit it, hard.  Odds definitely were on the biting it hard side.

Anyway, as always, full results here.


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