Kanata Cyclocross: Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 cents in the lottery…

But add a cyclocross bike to that inch of snow? Jackpot.  Calvin & Hobbes just needed a ‘cross bike.

Woke up to about 5 cm of wet, heavy snow.  Evan was pumped.

Evan was thrilled to see the snow this morning... "but we will still be able to go trick or treating tonight, right?"

In the first race, Naomi and Thomas took on the snow and wet with abandon.

Naomi battling hard against the cold outside (as well as the one inside her chest)

Thomas all smiles at the start... but by the end he would be cursing all the booze and cigars he indulged in while in the Dominican Republic two weeks ago (actually, he was probably just cursing having left the Dominican Republic)

They were probably running from this guy… whom Evan dubbed “the Green Monster”.

The Tall Tree Green Monster

A little bit of drama early in the first race saw a local stalwart go down hard on an off-camber hill, resulting in a couple of broken bones in the right leg.  Spoke with his wife tonight though, and Vytas is doing well and apparently will be back on the bike by spring. (UPDATE: Bob has posted more information about Vytas’ condition here).

Not sure what happened to the course between the first and second race… but it managed to get much, much, mmmuuuuch muddier.  I think I ate more mud than food today.

I am freezing and my cheering squad has abandoned me for waffles and coffee...

Apparently putting on fuzzy lycra and ridding your bike around in the first snowfall of the year gets you labelled a “sadist”.  Really?

Full results here as always.


One response to “Kanata Cyclocross: Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 cents in the lottery…

  1. Good luck getting that skinsuit clean. Next season we should try and get a laundry detergent sponsor for the team…

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