UPDATED:Rotten apples spoil the bunch…

UPPER UPDATE: Bob has posted more information on cyclocross.org regarding the situation with the city, which now seems to be about more than just the mess left at the Kanata Rec Centre. Click here to see what Bob is asking us to do to help.


Some frustrating news last night… Last Sunday in Kanata some clowns decided it was a good idea to clean up after their race in the dressing rooms of the neighbouring city-run hockey rink.  You saw the pictures from the race… they obviously left a huge mess.  The fallout is bad.  Via Ottawa Bikes:

Staff at the City of Ottawa have cancelled all of our remaining park permits for the season. We will, obviously, attempt to reverse that decision through a variety of channels. But that’s unlikely to happen in time for this weekend’s race. So it WILL NOT be held at Terry Fox. We will post a new location on www.cyclocross.org on Thursday.

Who knows what these guys were thinking… and how they possibly thought their actions wouldn’t have consequences.  I really hope this doesn’t have even greater consequences beyond this season.

UPDATE: This weekend’s race (November 7) will be in Almonte.  Hopefully it won’t be the last OBC race of the season.


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