Alberta AGM

After a resoundingly successful first season of racing, the Fiera Race Team would like to gather the Alberta contingent at our 1st Annual General Meeting to share stories, welcome new members, look at cool photos, celebrate the success of the team to-date, and plan for the upcoming winter and summer seasons.

The goal of the Fiera Race Team is to cultivate grassroots participation, and in keeping with that philosophy, we would really love to have as many people come out to our first AGM.  Young or old, current member or new member, anyone who has a passion for active lifestyles is invited!

This is your chance to bring your grand ideas for where you want the Fiera Race Team to go in the future, to help us plan upcoming races and events, to encourage more people to get active, and to volunteer for one of our committees.  In the hopes of getting as many people out to the meeting as we can, please tell us which of the following dates works best for you.  We will let you know by Friday (Nov 26) what day we have settled on.


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