Fiera’s Final Fling for 2010?

By Josh Krabbe

December 23 was the last race of mine for the 2010 season. I believe some folks are planning to race at a loppet on Jan 2, so hopefully this blog will get rolling again with news from aboard the skis shortly. In other news, the Christmas season is the season for a slightly different kind of racing. It’s not universally popular, but in some small circles it is deemed to be the highlight of the racing season. 15 people lined up this year for the fourth annual Nog Jog, and I believe for 14 of them it was the only racing they did in 2010. The thing about people who don’t race very often (i.e. once a year in late December) is that they don’t realize that to race well you’ve got to put in the training. I’ve been urging my competition to do some training but they didn’t do all that much, and so they were handily beaten for the second year in a row.

And so you ask “What is this Nog Jog?”

It’s a rather simple race, you down some nog and go for a jog. One final stipulation: Once you slurp the nog you can’t burp on the jog. The egg nog must be a full fat version of whatever your favorite grocery store has on sale during the Christmas Season and the volume must total 2 liters. We’ve historically been flexible on the brand so long as the calorie count for the carton rings in at more than 2000 calories, although 2500 is the norm. Light Nog is contrary to the holiday spirit and is echte verboden (dutch trans: really forbidden). After downing the nog, either directly from the carton or out of a bunch of glasses or cups (straws are not allowed) the jog begins. The length of the jog has historically been 730 meters although this year a slight change of location allowed us to run two laps in a more spectator friendly arena and yielded a total of 710 meters. Costumes were encouraged.

I don’t believe there is much mystery in how such a race plays out. Most people can’t do it, but fortunately it doesn’t stop them from trying. The footage was compiled and I’ve included it below, you’ve been forewarned before you click “play” I already told you that most people can’t do it. I’ll also warn you that even for those who can do it, they don’t like to spend the rest of the evening in agony with an aching belly and so decide to empty their stomachs following the race. I should have had the reporter shooting the post-race interview zoom out a bit to show off the Fiera logos I was sporting post-race, hopefully The Boss doesn’t fire me, I promise to do a better job next year.

My splits were as follows:

  • 2L Chug: 46 seconds.
  • First lap including a little wipeout on the ice: 1:19
  • Second lap: 1:20

This was a 17 second PR for myself on the duration of the chug and I also ran faster this year than last by approximately 10 seconds once the difference in distances is taken into account. I’ll attribute this success to my high volume run weeks throughout May and June, I think they really paid off this year.

I’ll be attempting a three-peat in defending my title next year, you’re welcome to come on out and test your mettle, the race has tentatively been scheduled for the 23rd of December at 6pm.


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