The painfully slow approach of spring…

You wouldn’t have guessed it based on the 30-odd cm of snow we received this past weekend, but spring is on its way to Ottawa.  How do I know?  Because the Ottawa Bike Club’s annual Ottawa Valley Paris-Roubaix Cyclosportif is a mere 5 weeks away (Saturday, April 16 to be extact).

For those who didn’t catch my race report last year, here is the short version:  the PR marked my first ever real road race.  I got my ass handed to me (this actually occurred after the race since at some point mid race my ass defected and abandoned me somewhere along the back-roads of Ontario, and a fellow racer was kind enough to collect it for me and return it).

Anyway, I have waited all year to apply the hard lessons I learned that day, and vowed to train hard all winter in order to avoid a repeat of the complete corporal malfunction that happened that day…. Well, at least I still have a chance to apply the hard learned lessons.

Given the lack of training thus far this winter, I may try and cram some in at the last minute and also sign up for the second annual Clarence-Rockland Classic… another gravel road-fest that will go down the Sunday before PR (April 10 to be exact).  Although I may have to wait and see if all the snow has melted by then…


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