The Spring Thaw Triathlon Draws Near…

For anyone out there who is interested in getting their racing season off to an early start, you will be happy to learn that the University of Alberta will be hosting their Spring Thaw triathlon on May 14!

This triathlon features two distances: a try-tri and a spring tri, and is a great race for newcomers and wily veterans alike.  I myself had a great time at this race last year (see my race report here).  If you aren’t interested in racing, but would like to volunteer, they are also looking for folks to can help out (and if you do help, they give you free stuff).

Race registration opens at 9 AM on April 1, and you can either register in person (at the University of Alberta) or by phone (780-492-2231).  If you want more info about the race or would like to volunteer, check out the Tri Club’s website.

Get your engines started ... it's Spring Thaw time!


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