Racer Profile: Jan Plavec

This season, the Fiera Race Blog is introducing a new feature: the racer profile.  This is your chance to meet members of the Race Team, and learn a little bit about what makes them so darn fast.

Our inaugural Racer Profile is on the one and only Jan Plavec.  This is the second season that Jan has been with the Fiera Race Team, and he has been one of our most enthusiastic, fun(ny), and fast racers.  This year he graciously volunteered to be the “Fiera Rides Coordinator for Western Canada and Northern Territories” (thanks Jan!) and he is set up to take the Alberta cycling scene by storm, after having purchased both a cyclocross and mountain bike in the last 8 months.  Watch for him on the podium this year, as this guy can seriously crank out the watts!!

Jan and his characteristic humor

What is your hometown?   Heřmanův Městec, Czech Republic

Describe yourself in 3 words.   Czech Racing Horse

What disciplines do you race in?  Triathlon, Biking, Dumpling eating

Why do you race?  Because it hurts and it is expensive.

What are your goals for this season?  1) To do five hundred training hours; 2)  To brew two hundred liters of beer

 Name three songs that are getting heavy play on your training playlist right now.  1) Beer Barrel Polka; 2) Vltava by Bedřich Smetana; 3) Jožin z Bažin

What is your most noteworthy training or racing achievement?  20 dumplings in 30 minutes

What’s your secret for going fast? Good try Joe. You will never find out!

Jan with his dear (Lenka), beer, and dumplings


2 responses to “Racer Profile: Jan Plavec

  1. Is that really what you’re listening to? Are you fast ’cause you’re trying to get away from it?

  2. These are just top three. If you hear other stuff you go like a rocket.

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