Race Report: 2011 Beachburg “Spring Chicken” Enduro

A quick write-up of last weekend’s 2nd Annual Beachburg “Spring Chicken” 50 km Enduro Mountain Bike Race.

First, the good news: the weather was a huge improvement over last year, with snow, rain, and freezing temperatures replaced with sun and warm temperatures.  Also, the field was considerably larger (probably due in part to the nicer weather) which made for better racing.  Finally, I think (though I am not positive since I couldn’t find it explicitly stated anywhere) the race is meant as a way for the Beachburg Off Road Cycling Association to raise money to build and improve local mountain bike trails.  Who doesn’t like supporting the grassroots?

The scene last year - this year lacked the snow and the flooded beaver dam to wade through

Now, the not so good news:  Alas, a repeat performance of last year’s 4th overall/1st in my age category performance just wasn’t in the cards.  This was due in part to the deeper field, which unfortunately for me didn’t include just a bunch of really slow dudes on cruiser bikes… but it was also due to the 20 minutes I spent riding down the wrong trail – before hitting a swamp and retracing my steps.  Signage along the course wasn’t great… and, well… that’s how it goes.  With about 10 km to go a course marshal told me I was in 5th or 6th overall (he either said there where 5 ahead of me or that I was fifth – it wasn’t entirely clear)… then I took the scenic side-trip and I have no idea where I ended up (results still haven’t been posted).

This year’s edition of the race also lacked some of the promised enhancements… I have no idea where the feed station was and there was no bike wash to be found.  Lucky for me I carried enough fuel for myself (and the bonking rider I passed) and it was my friend’s car that transported my filthy bike.  I also preferred the aprés pizza party last year (and the free pint of beer) to this year’s bake sale and BYO.  All in all?  A beautiful spring Sunday on a mountain bike is never a bad thing… but next year I might take a pass on the Spring Chicken in order to find a mountain bike ride with less than the 20-odd km of gravel and paved road I rode last Sunday.


One response to “Race Report: 2011 Beachburg “Spring Chicken” Enduro

  1. Many thanks for the recommendations in regards to the 2011 Spring Chicken. It is always a struggle to find some good constructive criticism in order to better our services to racers for next year’s event.
    To note: we did have an All You Can Eat pot luck at the awards ceremony last year, which was at the Beachburg Arena. This was in conjunction with “The Burns” Bakeoff, which was a huge success, seeing many racers filling their faces and judging on homemade cakes, pies and other treats.
    We did have a feed station, but possibly due to the signage issue, you might have missed it. It was at the halfway point on the bike course.
    As for a bike wash, we had a set up at the Arena. It was just a hose and a bucket, so maybe for this year (2012), we will make this more apparent and user friendly.
    Thanks to your support (Fiera Race Team) we have been able to purchase even more signage for 2012.
    We hope to see you all out there again… be it Sun, Rain, Mud or Snow!
    May 19th (Saturday)

    the BORCA team

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