Race Report: FAT Tire Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Posted by Joseph Litke

Jan and I contested the 3 Lap category (middle group)  at Fat Tire Tuesday.  The course was awesome, fast, with a few early pinch-points and bottle necks that made for a strategic start.  The start worked well for me, as i managed to push, shove, and bushwhack my way up to about the 6 spot going into the first bottle neck. At the next obstacle, I took advantage of an error made by a couple riders in front of me, and heard bike-on-bike sounds and curse-words behind me shortly after I cleaned a log pile.  The first lap went very well for me, and I found myself resting confidently on the fast, flowing, tight downhill sections while gaining on the riders in front, and so, feeling relatively fresh to attack on the climbs. At one point I think I worked my way into second place, but could not defend it as I fatigued on the subsequent laps where my technical riding became choppy and I had a hard time staying on the trail. In the end, Third place, and a modest podium for Fiera.

Jan came in an uncomfortably close 4th in this, his first mountain bike race ever! He got caught in all the bottle-necks and mayhem that I avoided, but still managed to work his way steadily through the group, and would certainly have caught me if there had been a 4th Lap.  Nice riding Jan.  Totally awesome hospitality and organization from the Hardcore folks who put on the race series. You should go to their shop, buy something, and tell them Fiera sent you.

Jan, taking no chances on the technical down-hills. Photo Credit: Trailblazer Photography.

Joe, taking advantage of a quick start, hoping it's enough to stay in front of the Czech Racing Horse. Photo Credit: Trailblazer Photography

The Czech Racing Horse, taking no prisoners, thinking "must catch little bald man with same jersey as me!". Photo Credit: Trailblazer Photography

Little bald man, climbing with fear in his heart, and Jan closing in, less than a minute from the finish. Photo Credit: Trailblazer Photography


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