Ottawa Opens First Segregated Bike Lane

By John Clare

The FRT blog seems to have gone a bit cold as of late… no real excuse for that unless we have been too busy racing (which for me, sadly, has not been the case).  I will do my best to try and revive things… and hope our AB teammates will try and do the same.

We all ride bikes like this in Ottawa...

To start, I will link to an article in today’s Ottawa Citizen, in which Fiera’s own Naomi Szigeti gives her thoughts on Ottawa’s first segregated bike lane:

“I think it’s excellent, because it’s a safe way to finally get to work downtown,” she said. “Before that, you were in some ways taking your life in your own hands by cycling downtown…

She said Ottawa should construct lanes on every major downtown artery so that no matter which direction a cyclist is coming from, there’s a safe path to cycle.

“Think about Vancouver. It’s designed No. 1 for pedestrians, No. 2 for cyclists, third for cars. And there’s a reason for that. That’s the way smart downtowns are designed, and Ottawa should be adopting something like that. Encourage people to walk and to cycle, and you’ve got healthier citizens, a healthier environment and a healthier city.”

Of course, bike lanes have their downsides too:


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