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Cory Boddy, poster child for the 2011 Xterra Duathlon takes the time for some fan photos, to sign some autographs, and a short interview with the Fiera Report.

Congratulations to Fiera rider Cory Boddy who not only completed his first duathlon – the Xterra Canmore Duathlon – but finished 3rd in his event (full results here).  We had a chance to catch up to Cory after his event to hear what he had to say.

Fiera Report (FR)       Congratulations Cory on your podium finish. We’ve been lucky enough to watch you race many times over the years. Could you confirm that there were more than 3 people in the race?

Cory Boddy (CB)         Yes there were more than 3 people.

FR      So what was the race like?

CB          It was painful and fun. What more could you ask for in a race!?

FR      Not everyone is familiar with the Xterra duathlon. Tell us how it works.

CB         Well the Xterra duathlon and triathlon are off-road events that are held at the Canmore Nordic Centre and follow similar trails as the 24hrs of Adrenalin races.  The duathlon is similar to the triathlon but instead of swimming you do a trail run … which is followed by a mountain bike which is then followed by another trail run.

FR      So you do two runs whereas in the triathlon you do a swim, bike, and run?

CB          Yes…oh I hear what you’re saying. Yes, I agree. A duathlon is considerably harder than a triathlon.

FR      That’s not what…

CB         The two runs make the duathlon well …two times as hard I guess. I agree.

FR      What was your finishing time?

CB        2h 52min 08sec

FR      Now I noticed in the triathlon the podium finishers had split times for their bike and run that were considerably faster than your third place finish in the duathlon.  How would you explain this?

CB          Buoyancy.

FR      Buoyancy?

CB          Yeah. ….as in floats in water?!

FR     Buoyancy?

CB          Yes.

FR      So the triathletes had faster time because…

CB         Look. I don’t know how else to say this. If I had a chance to float around in a bathtub for 20 minutes of the race I’m pretty sure I would have had a faster time on my bike and run too.

FR      So there is no other explanation as to why these athletes had faster times than you?

CB          I don’t know what you’re getting at.

FR      Nothing?

CB          If you’re trying to imply some sort of time warp or black hole thingy you’re crazy.

FR      Maybe we could switch subjects. We heard you had a couple of falls on the bike.  Tell us about that.

CB          Well, they were pretty extreme crashes.

FR      We heard both crashes happened while you were climbing a steep hill.

CB          Yeah.

FR      One observer said it was like you just ran out of steam and couldn’t get unclipped before you fell over on your side.

CB          I suppose to an amateur spectator that’s how it might have looked.

FR      But you would describe them differently?

CB          Like I said they were pretty extreme crashes.

FR      What was it like to stand on the podium and hear the crowd cheer?

CB          Umm I actually had to attend to some other business.

FR      Business? You were doing business at the race?

CB          No b-u-s-i-n-e-s-s. I was taking care of “business”

FR      You were in the can?

CB         Look, I wouldn’t mind wrapping this interview up.

FR      One more question: Your racing friends call you Cory “Sugar” Boddy. With that in mind, is it safe to say the weather was perfect? There was no rain or snow or a slightly cold breeze that would have stopped you from competing?

CB          Yeh the weather was great but I don’t think that’s what they mean by sugar. My friends think I’m sweet.

FR     Sweet?

CB          Yeah and this just goes to show that nice guys do finish first.

FR      You finished third.

CB          Whatever.

And so you have it. Another outstanding result by the Fiera Race Team. Cory encourages you all to check out the Xterra race series and asks that if you’re interested that you sign up for the triathlon only. He’s hoping to podium again next year.

Diehard fans of Cory "Sugar" Boddy enjoying the ATB Xterra.

"Daddy, tell me again the story about how swimming is for chumps.


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