“I need more cowbell baby!”

It’s September… time to go back to school, close up the cottage for the summer, join a pick-up hockey league… and take those godawful skinny tires off your ‘cross bike.  That’s right… it is cyclocross time!

The Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series kicks off in a couple of weeks (Sunday, September 25th to be exact).  Unfortunately, the bad relations between the series and the City of Ottawa did not disappear over the winter – unlike all physical evidence that any races had ever taken place on city property, which did disappear, melting away before the snow did.  As a result, all of the races will take place out of town… the first one out at Calabogie Peaks Resort.  Kinda too bad… but what are you going to do?

Registration is available online through the Ontario Cycling Association, or in person at The Cyclery on Thursday, September 15 or Saturday, September 17.

To get you pumped, check-out the following highlight reel from last year!


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