Viner Joins Forces with the Fiera Race Team!!

We are very pleased and excited to announce that the Fiera Race Team has joined forces with Viner, a family-owned Italian company established in 1947 that hand-builds unbelievably cool road, mountain, cyclocross, time trial, and “life style” bicycles.

While Viner is little known in North America (except by these guys and this guy), these bikes have received rave reviews in Europe for their high quality, great fit, and amazing ride.  Because they are all hand-built, most can be ordered made-to-measure for a small additional charge.

And now, members of the Fiera Race Team can climb atop these amazing bikes at a special sponsorship price (this is seriously a good deal, folks).  So, check out the 2012 Viner line-up; pick out your new ride; and e-mail us to get exclusive, Firea Race Team only pricing!!

The 2012 RCX-carbon Cross Bike. Oh, yeah.


One response to “Viner Joins Forces with the Fiera Race Team!!

  1. I rode a 1974 viner that worked like a dream (I’m 16, so it was considered vintage when I rode it). I’m currently in a trek 2.1, but I’m saving up for a viner with super record. One of these days…

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