Friday Poll: Bike vs. Car Edition

Well, it was bound to happen eventually I guess.

In a province where 15 to 20 cyclists die each year in collisions with vehicles, it is sadly not surprising that I had my own run in with a vehicle this past week.

I was riding to work on a designated bike route (though not a segregated bike lane), heading straight through and intersection, when a car came up on my left, and then decided to turn right – right through me.

The driver said she didn’t see me.  She must of had her eyes closed.

Anyway, I was okay… a bit bruised and scraped up, but not too bad.  My bike was okay too – just in need of a new saddle.  It wasn’t until I got to my office that I thought maybe I should report the incident to police.  The fact that a cyclist was killed a couple of blocks from my office a couple of weeks ago and that the Ontario Coroner has announced an investigation into cycling deaths in the province, convinced me I should become a statistic, rather than remain an anonymous “unreported” incident.

Which got me thinking… how many other people have been hit by cars and simply ridden away?  And how many reported it to the police?


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