Friday Poll: Cyclocross Nationals – East versus West

Update:  In case you haven’t seen it, Sheppard and McNeely repeat and Batty claims the Elite women’s title over Pepper (East wins, 2 to 1).

Full report.

As was mentioned earlier this week, the Canadian Cylocross Nationals are taking place tomorrow in Toronto.

Last year, riders from Western Canada invaded Toronto’s Cedervale Park and took home most of the Hardware.  In the Elite Men’s category, Chris Sheppard (BC) took gold and Aaron Schooler (AB) took bronze.  The silver was won by Mike Garrigan (ON).

The 2010 Elite Men's podium. Sheppard will be back this year to defend his jersey.

In the Elite women’s category, western riders swept the top 4 places: Wendy Simms (BC) with the win, Katy Curtis (AB) with silver, Catherine Pendrel (BC) with bronze, and Pepper Harlton (AB) just off the podium in 4th.

Pendral raced to 3rd in 2010. As of yet, the newly minted XC world champion isn't registerd to race this weekend

It was only in the U23 category that the East seemed to dominate, with Evan McNeely (ON) taking the Maple Leaf jersey ahead of Jared Stafford (ON) in second; and Garrett McLeod (NS) in third.

So what’s going to happen this year?  Will the West continue to dominate the Elite categories?  Or will the East be able to show up at home?

Chris Sheppard will be back to defend the title, as will Evan McNeely.  However, as of today, none of the Elite women’s podium is registered to race.  Does this mean Pepper will be able to scoop the win? Or will Emily Batty have an advantage on a reportedly hilly, mountain-biky course?

The list of registered riders can be found here.


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