Ironmen Return Triumphant from Cozumel

While most of us were sitting in front of the television watching Winnipeg get their butts kicked by BC in the Grey Cup, drinking beer and eating chili (or turkey), two of our athletes were competing in the 2011 Ironman in Cozumel, Mexico.

Stefan Schreiber, in his third Ironman appearance, and Simmon Hofstetter, in his debut Ironman, spent the day Sunday smashing the competition.

After following a very strict training and nutrition regime, Simmon pulled off an amazing time of 11:23:22, for 27th place overall in his age category.

Simmon's times - whoooohooo!!!

Simmon rehydrating after a workout.

As for Stefan, he had the goal of going to Cozumel to improve on his time from last year, and to qualify for the 2012 World Championship in Kona.

After a year of training battling a pesky Achilles heal injury, he went to Cozumel and  had an amazing race, finishing 3rd in his age group (only 28 seconds out of 2nd place), with a finishing time of 9:23:51.  While we don’t yet know if he has recieved a qualifyig spot for Kona, we are nevertheless amazed, inspired, and very proud of his accomplishment (UPDATE: Stefan has informed us that he has indeed qualified for the 2012 World Championship in Kona!!  Stay tuned for a race report).

Stefan's times - wow!!

Next up - Ironman Siberia


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