2012 Racing for All Abilities.

Have you been wanting to try a bike race? Mountain bike, road, or cyclocross, the 2012 ABA Events Calendar is going to provide you with an low-key entry-level opportunity to give bike racing a try. First up this spring is the Northern Spring Road Race Series which is scheduled to begin April 15th, weather permitting.  All you need is to be a member of a race club like Fiera Race Team, pay a tiny little fee at the starting line, and experience all that the peleton has to offer ……adrenaline ……..teamwork ……………betrayal …………….glory ……………..defeat.  Well, truthfully, you probably won’t experience all these in your first race, but you will be challenged, and you will get in some quality training.

Next up is the Fat Tire Tuesday Mountain Bike Series.  These really are fun and low-key.  They are held in Terwillegar Park, every Tuesday usually beginning in the middle of May.  There are podiums and prizes, welcoming trails, and good natured organizers. Same deal; as long as you are a club member, you are welcome to pay the tiny-wee race fee, and line up beside like-minded trail enthusiasts. Check it out; you can keep up to date on the status of these races by touching base at the Hardcore website.

Finally, come September, United Cycle puts on an awesome series of relaxed and kick-ass cyclocross.  Mountain bikes are permitted, and there are always a few who want to give the sport a try before investing in the greatest race machine ever invented.  Courses are usually twisted around open lawn at or near Goldbar Park, and involve some sections where you have to get off your bike and run a few steps.  These races are rediculously popular, a testimony to how well organized they are, how relaxed the atmosphere is, and how much fun the sport of cyclocross is.

So there you have it. Don’t be shy join a club, preferably Fiera Race Team, and get racing. See you at the starting line, no excuses.



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