Press Release: Lesley Baldwin Signs With Fiera Race Team

Fiera Race Team is excited to announce the signing of Lesley Baldwin to her third season with the squad.  Lesley has done great things while with the team, including a Personal Best at Great White North (here for her race report) in 2010, and most recently winning the 2011 Masters Provincial Cyclocross Championship in Devon.

Lesley Baldwin, receiving her Provincial Championship Title.

When asked about the coming season with Fiera Race Team, Lesley said ” I’ll take a Triathlon top and Endurance Triathlon Shorts, please. Size Fast. Now stop bothering me about this silly race club, I’m busy.”

Oh yeah, she is busy all right, busy getting ready to kick some arse in the coming season, wearing the good ol’ Blue and White…………..and some Green………….with varying shades and tones.

Joining her on the line last season was Shari Clare and Lenka Plavcova, her sometimes training partners, and always drinking partners.

Lenka and Shari, celebrating the joy of completing a cyclocross race

Thanks to their hard work and innate thirst for dirt and speed, our crank-warping women’s cyclocross team can boast to be one of only two teams in Alberta to have two women (Lesley and Shari) to finish in the top 10 of the 2011 Alberta Cyclocross Cup. Still, it’s not really about results. It’s about having fun, being with friends, and experiencing new challenges, and doing good things. If you are at all interested in racing; cyclocross, triathlon, road bikes, mountain bikes, marathon, cross country running, adventure racing, whatever, and you think it would be fun to do it as part of something bigger, then join us………Lesley did.

On the starting Line, 2011 Cyclocross Provincial Championships




One response to “Press Release: Lesley Baldwin Signs With Fiera Race Team

  1. Yikes, that is a nasty stare down of the Bow Cycle girl in the last picture. It looks like you guys are going to make her cry.

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