5 Peaks Pre-Season Trail Running Race

If you’re like me and can’t wait for the Trail Running Race Season, then the 5 Peaks Pre-Season Trail Running Race scheduled for April 28th in Fort Saskatchewan is the event for you. Eleven km of fantastic river valley running, stuffed full of twisty-turny single-track trails; flat and fast. As if that’s not enough, to add even more adventure, this race is done at night! That’s right, race in the dark.  All this for the small entry fee of $40. Sign on now and you get a mass start and the option to run as many extra kilometres as you like.  Thats right, extra kilometres are unlimited if you register today.  But wait, that’s not all! There will be podiums, awards, and an after party! Thats  right, all this for a mere 40$!!!! But wait, that’s not all. Port-a-potties will be available at the start finish where you can enter to win the last drop of hand sanitizer!  Don’t be a fool; sign on, lace up, bust out. Don’t miss the 5 Peaks Pre Season Trail Running Race! Its In The Dark!!


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