Racer Profile: Keegan Brooks (updated 2012)

Keegan is back with Fiera Race Team for the 2012 season.  We posted his Racer Profile last year, but thought it was worth updating because a lot happened for Keegan in 2011.
First of all he competed in the Blackfoot Ultra Marathon (50 km), the details of which I don’t know much about, and perhaps that is because they are a bit foggy for Keegan too.  I do know that he came in 8th, in a time of 4:54:27, and when I asked him what his racing goals were for 2012, he said ominously “I have a score to settle with the Blackfoot Ultra”.
But I know that a rematch with the Blackfoot Ultra is not the only priority racing event on Keegan’s calendar for 2012, because he qualified to compete at the Triathlon Worlds in New Zealand this fall, and so will be competing against the best in the world in his age class, while trading his Fiera Race Team colours for Canada’s red and white, come October.
Keegan Brooks, Racer.
  1. What is your hometown?

Born in Edmonton, raised in Kelowna.  Moved to Edmonton in September 2009 for school and very happy that I did.

  1. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Bacon, Waffles, Coffee.

  1. What disciplines do you race in?

Triathlon, running, and cycling.

  1. Why do you race?

Because it’s so much fun!  I love the feeling of my adrenaline (nervousness) rising as I toe start line.  The atmosphere is very special.  People congregate and attempt to push themselves to the limit and get cheered or heckled to get to that limit.

  1. What are your goals for this season?

(1) Ride at least 180 km (during a single ride) before the summer is out. (2) Run another 40:00 minute 10k off the bike.

  1. Name three songs that are getting heavy play on your training playlist right now.

Nowhere With You” by Joel Plaskett,

Barnes’ Yard” by The Rural Alberta Advantage,

“All Night Long” by 3lau

  1. What is your most noteworthy training or racing achievement?

Qualifying for ITU Age-Groups Worlds in Auckland NZ last year in Edmonton.  Also sneaking under the 90 minute mark for a half marathon.

  1. What’s your secret for going fast?

Practice makes perfect.  Ride more. Run more.  To quote a Jeff Symonds “Half-ass practice gets us nowhere while with deliberate practice gets us the results we dream of.”



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