Fiera Dura Ace Extreme Fishing Invitational

Fiera’s Elite Fisherperson team met on Saturday to square off in a fishing derby to-the-death (of some tasty fish) with approximately 200 other hardy fisher-folk. Joseph Litke had the home-lake-advantage and got off to an early start by dropping his wormclad hook into the water and then fetching a lawn chair on which to sit.  Jan, on the other hand, positioned his chair first and then said a few solemn words for the soul of his worm before piercing it repeatedly in a humane way, and dropping it down the auger hole. Joseph’s quick start looked at first as if it would be the deciding advantage, as he had frequent bites at his bait almost immediately, and likely dropped his line in the midst of a peloton of perch. Still, he failed to deliver the First Fish Prime, and though that award went to Jan, it was neutralized immediately as he received a penalty for landing and attempting to keep a fish under 9 cm long .  The momentum of his first catch, however, propelled Jan into fishing frenzy, and he proceeded to gap Joseph in the first quarter of the race.  It seems however that Joseph was simply laying in wait for the second half of the race when he began to suddenly catch larger fish at an alarming cadence.  Jan, however did not take the bait, and easily won both the First Beer Prime, and the Most Beer Prime.  In the end, with all 19 fish tallied, and the Primes and Penalties tabulated, there was no clear winner, though it is fair to say that with roughly 200 other fisherpersons on the lake having similar luck, the fish were definitely the looser at this event.

No warm-blooded animals were harmed during the hosting of this event.


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