Reminder: Submit your race results!

Just a reminder to Fiera Race Team members to make sure you submit your race results using this handy-dandy online form.  It is quick, not at all confidential, and the only way to make sure that your racing not only contributes to personal glory, but to one of the excellent charities supported by the team.

So far this season, we have raised $852.72 by getting our title sponsor to match race entrance fees with donations to the charities listed over on the right.  But we are missing reports from a whole bunch of people… so click on the link above, fill in the blanks, and make all your suffering count.


One response to “Reminder: Submit your race results!

  1. I know there was some early season races that have not been reported; The winter triathlon; the Birkebeiner; the Spring Series; Fat Tire Tuesdays; Velocity; McNamara Running Series, to name a few. They all count.

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