Race Report: Preston Street Criterium

The Fiera Race Team made the podium at Ottawa’s prestigious Preston Street Criterium last Sunday afternoon… in the uber competitive U6 category.

Evan, racing his flash new BMX bike (thanks auntie Shari and uncle Joe), toed the line with, what I would guess, was another 50 kids cut-throat racers, for the two block sprint.

UCI officials where nowhere to be seen, and clearly some of the bikes didn’t meet regulations – some didn’t even have pedals!  As an aside, I think technological advancements are threatening to rob the sport of its spirit… and really, how is the average rider going to be able to afford some of the bikes these kids are riding?  But I digress…

On the start line…

Evan had a good start, and made the initial selection that came in the first 10 metres.  He seemed to settle into a good rhythm for the next 30 metres, tapping out a steady tempo.  He looked like he was getting ready to wind-up his sprint with 10 to go… but then seemed to hesitate as if he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to pass the parent who was at the front, marshalling the race on his bike.  That moment of hesitation cost him dearly, and in what would have been a photo finish if anyone had a camera set up at the end, Evan came across in third place.

Not sure if it is budget cuts or something, but for some reason there was no champaign on the podium.  Nevertheless, there were big smiles all around.

Preston Street Crit U6 podium…


2 responses to “Race Report: Preston Street Criterium

  1. Way to go, Evan! You look great in your team kit!

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