News: Races this weekend, June 23 & 24.

The race is on this weekend.  Look for results from Fiera Race Team members, Duncan Purvis and Keegan Brooks as they contest the Devon Grand Prix, Crit. Provincials, and Road Race.  Look for Duncan to push the pace in the early part of the race, then sit back and prepare for a late attack in his brand new Fiera Race Team Jersey debut.  Watch for Keegan to get in to an early break, stay away most of the day, then just as it look like he could win, get a flat tire and not finish (predictions are based on past performance).  Watch Zone 4 for result.

Also this weekend, look for Fiera Race Team’s Jan Plavec and Lenka Plavcova to make some waves at the Lake Summerside Triathlon.  Expect Jan to break the sound barrier on the ride, and Lenka to stir things up on the swim.  Watch for their results here.

Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend.


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