Race Report: Lake Summerside Triathlon

Posted by Jan

Lenka signed me up for a sprint triathlon race and left Canada. It seems that she finally got the idea how an ideal family weekend looks like. For me it was a perfect opportunity to dust off my wetsuit and other triathlon gear for the Great White North and to try transitions for real. I was also testing my new waterproof Garmin 310XT so I got for the first time data from my swimming.

How the author carb-loads while his wife is away.

It was one of the most relaxed race days I’ve ever experienced as the race took place close to my place, there were no big line-ups for signing up and the transition zone was open all the time. As a result, there was a lot of time to get ready not to mention that it was a short race. Also thanks to Anthony who keep me a company the whole day. The weather wasn’t bad (it stopped raining 2 hours before the race and started again 1 hour after the race), but there was a strong wind that made the biking and also the running more challenging than I expected. Especially for the bike I was looking forward to the flattest time-trial ever but the wind changed it into something like a mountain bike effort. Also they had to change the route due to construction so the longest straight part was about 300 meters and the rest was a criterium-like cornering.

I was happy about my swim time under 12 minutes on a reasonable effort. As I said the bike was not so pleasant for me. On a positive note, it kept me from going crazy as usual and as a result I had a nice run afterwards. In the run I missed my goal pace 4min/km just by a couple seconds. Oh well, I will get it in the Great White North J I just have to keep my heart rate on that average 205bpm for a little longer (that what my Garmin showed me but I think my monitor slipped from my chest and took some beats from my stomach too. Or I should go easy on coffee…)

Anyway, the race reminded me how much fun triathlon is and I am looking forward to the next weekend.

Results here:


2 responses to “Race Report: Lake Summerside Triathlon

  1. So, Jan where is your data? You said you have the new 310XT 🙂

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