News: Vos takes stage 1 of Giro Donne

While the worlds best men on bikes get set to contest the Tour de France, the world’s best female cyclists are already a stage ahead in their ultimate grand tour, the ten stage Giro Donne. While I am certain to be guilty of focussing much of my attention on the prospects of Canada’s Ryder Hesjedal in the TDF, lets not forget the lone Canadian woman contesting her own Giro.  Like Ryder, Clara Hughes knows what it’s like to cary the “weight of a nation” on race day.  And also like Ryder, she may be under estimated in her climbing ability, while she is feared by all on a time trial bike.  It would be pretty cool to have a Canadian win both Giros this year. Sure, it’s a long shot.  Marianne Vos is by far the favourite (currently in pink after stage 1), and Hughes has teamates better suited for the GC, but still, lets not forget to pay this race some attention.  Get the latest results here, and for  in depth perspective, here.

Marianne Vos, last year’s winner, and in pink after stage 1


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