Kettle Cross Trail Update!

If you haven’t been out to Blackfoot to pre-ride the Kettle Cross race course yet, you may be wondering how it has been holding up with all of this recent rain. Well, we just received an email today from one of our registered racers, Brad Danielson, who has been out riding the trails at Blackfoot and sends this trail report:

Hello Kettle Cross Crew!

I’ve been out to Blackfoot a couple times over the past 2 weekends to ride the trails.  The trails appear to be in great shape, and there are many signs that some good-hearted folks have been out doing some maintenance. All major deadfall has been cleared off the trails, and the grass has been mowed at some point in the recent past. The only exception is ‘Don’s Way’: the grass along this fence-line trail has not been mowed (as of July 29), and at one point there is a trench cross-cutting the trail to drain a large wet area.  The trench is well marked with wooden stakes, but anyone riding the trails should watch out for it: the trench is at the bottom of a downhill section, and is big enough to swallow a front wheel.

Otherwise the trails are fast and fun. With all the recent rain we’ve been having, there are definitely some water and mud holes to watch out for in the low areas, but this just adds a fun challenge to the ride.

The mosquitoes are out in full force right now, and they make a surprisingly good training motivator: as long as you keep moving, they will leave you alone – but the moment you stop, they will not-so-gently urge you to pedal on.

Thanks for the update, Brad! If you are looking for more info on the race course, you can download all of the maps you could possibly need here.


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