Kettle Cross Enduro – the details to date

We were scared there for a while, but it appears that enough people have registered for the Kettle Cross Enduro that there will, in fact, be a race! That is awesome news for those of us who started organizing this race last November – and it is gratifying to know there are others out there who think this race is a good idea too! So thanks to those of you who have signed on for what we hope will become a much loved and anticipated annual event.

As the big day looms close, we thought you might be interested to know a little bit about who has signed up for the race so far:

As of Aug 24, we have a total of 77 registrants, 55 of whom have signed up for the 74 km Full Kettle, making it, at this point, the most popular of the three race distances.

The Half Kettle is popular too, but lagging well behind the Full Kettle in the race for registrations, with only 21 registrants.

The Tea Kettle has fallen way behind in the race, with only 2 people signed up to date!!!!

This is both a surprise and a bit of a disappointment. The intention behind the Tea Cup race was to attract new racers, and to be welcoming for people who may not be that comfortable with racing. With nearly 15 years of racing experience in Alberta behind me, I can confidently say that you will not find a more suitable course or venue than the Tea Cup for that reluctant wife or girlfriend, not-so-fit brother in-law, or arm-chair cycling fan to try their first race. They don’t need a fancy bike, they don’t need toe clips, and they don’t need spandex. We all know someone who doesn’t race but should, someone who doesn’t ride but should, and someone who would, but is intimidated by the whole race license, spandex, team kit culture surrounding regular ABA races. That’s exactly why the Kettle Cross is not Provincial Cup race, why we have a Team Classification category, and why the Fiera Race Team is picking up the cost of day-licenses for new riders — so that you can kick your boyfriend/girlfriend/cousin-in-law in the arse, tell him/her to dust off that rusty Super Cycle, strap on a helmet, and come and get racing. Seriously folks, let’s go beyond our regular ABA race acquaintances and introduce some fresh faces to our sport.

Along similar lines, many pub discussions with my cycling friends have centered around how to attract more women to our sport.  I don’t know that we have ever stumbled on the answer, but as a club, we are concerned about it, and perhaps, with this event, are doing something right.  To date there are 21 female registrants, making up nearly 30% of racers. I don’t know for certain, but I think that is considerably better than the average ABA cyclocross race. In the opening cyclocross race in 2011, there were 11 women out of a total of 111 starters, which is less than 10%.

Finally, we have asked those who have registered for the race whether they know someone who might be willing to volunteer on race day, because we need approximately 30 volunteers just to keep everyone safe. It turns out that out of 77 registrants, only 6 people know someone who can volunteer, which surprises us a bit. Currently, we only have about half the volunteers that we need to host the race, so if that cousin-in-law of yours has a bum knee that is going to keep him/her from registering for the race, maybe you cold convince them to volunteer? There is an awesome t-shirt, great food, and fun times in it for them. If you know someone who can volunteer on September 9th, please get them to contact us (volunteers[at]

For more information about the race, you can visit the Kettle Cross website, or you can sign up for the race here.


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