Race Report: Kettle Cross 2012, The Tea Cup — according to first-time racer, Rena Tiemstra

Words of advice from an aspiring bike racer……

First; train and train hard, even if you are just doing the tea cup and your friend who is organizing the thing tells you the course is perfect for first time racers — setting you up perfectly to gets your ass kickd by a bunch of super fit, overly motivated triatloners!

Secondly; include in your training more than just two rides down the gravel road to the neighbours that live within sight.

Third; work really hard to get as many older and slower friends as possible to race too — someone you have a chance of beating.

Fourth; if all else fails get your fast friend, who was the only one you could convince to sign up with you, a little tipsy before the race, then trick her into riding off the Tea Cup course and on to the way-way-longer Half Kettle course where she collapses at an aid station and has to withdraw from the race and get a ride back with a Park Ranger. That way she gets disqualified and then you don’t technically come in last!!!

Summation…. of course I had fun, I always do, and at least I didn’t have to change a flat tire, especially since I haven’t the faintest idea how to.


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